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Rohith Talwar


Getting trained from normal lectures is different and lectures from an industry expert is very different so I'd like to take this chance to thank you for giving such a remarkable lectures. I'm grateful for your patience for everything whether it may be subjective or general discussion and efforts you put in the class. You have unique teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combined to a simplified version, thank you for facilitating this classes and for your encouragement at times when I felt discouraged. It is a great pleasure to be your student with all your patience and understanding. So I hope that you'd continue to be inspiring because I have learnt a lot of things from you. - Rohith Talwar - Final Year B.Tech. - JBIET

Samyak Jain

Transforming Experience!!!

I have been learning with EduSaksham for about half a year and my experience has been amazing. The concepts were explained very well and boring books were transformed into this fun interactive learning session where we were taught with practical uses and examples, videos, ppts and other methods of attractively representing knowledge. The website has helped me improve a lot. I have started scoring great marks in physics and mathematics. I hope the same is continued for as long as possible…. I am sure it will help other too, to Learn.Practice.Conquer!!! - Samyak Jain (The Amatara Academy - Class 9)

Ishita Gadi

Amazing Guides!!!

We all can get a lot of guidance through multiple ways on the net considering that it is a big developing world with a lot of new developments, but not all in one place. EduSaksham removes this problem. Here we students can find multiple things we require, all in just one place. Not only is self-explanatory data, but also unimaginable test series which happen to come from the best of places and aid in cracking students brain helping them think through questions logically and not just through mugged up data. It makes new concepts interesting from a lower base, and also helps in keeping it ahead. The guiding formula sheets with the formulas of, oh so vast a chapter, all in one sheet helps through with a revision of completed chapters. Glad to have come in contact with such a platform of knowledge. - Ishita Gadi (Bishops Cottons Girls School - Class 10)

Arnav Shorey

Fundamental Building!!!

I was looking for the experienced coach to help me with my studies. I came to know about EduSaksham. They have finest coaches you will ever find. Their knowledge & dedication is just commendable. Coaches are so dedicated that they were willing to sacrifice their sleep to help me through tough situations just before the exams. One thing I liked was their way of teaching using Online courses and assessment, which is unique and didn’t find any other place. Thanks to their online course that I was able to practice & revise my topics anywhere, anytime.

My fundamentals have become strong and my grades have improved. I am truly thankful to them for building this conviction & belief that I can be the best. I would recommend EduSaksham to students who want to build their foundation strong, do the learning with fun way, want to get good grades and wanted to be ahead. - Arnav Shorey - (Primus Public School - Class 9)

Akshainie Agarwal

Truly delightfull

Thank you EduSaksham team for such interesting questions. Tutorial sections were very helpful. The Olympiad worksheets were awesome. I loved it. :)

I have grown up in a family where my father used to give me practice maths paper every day which I need to finish before I go to play. I think that strong foundation of solving new questions every day helped me to clear my IITJEE exam. But as working women, I always had time challenge to create practice Math papers for my daughter. Thanks to EduSaksham, their questions are so logical and conceptual that I don't feel guilt of not creating practice questions by myself :). There are plenty of worksheet along with the tutorials for each chapter. It has made parents life easier :) And the best part is my daughter loves doing it. Thank you EduSaksham. - Anupma (Akshainie's mother - 4th Grade - Greenwood High, Bangalore)

Aarav Tiwari

Great Experience.

My son had a great experience with EduSaksham. He enjoyed doing all worksheets. The most important thing is he had done All practice by himself and without any reminders. Also helped him to understand all the concepts thoroughly and also cleared his doubts. EduSaksham team is great and motivated all the students to do their best.

Thank you team EduSaksham.

Kavita Tiwari (Aarav's Mother - 4th Grade - Greenwood High, Bangalore)

Aditya Bansal

Awesome lesson

I would like to thank Edusaksham on behalf of my son Aditya who attended " Math Olympiad crash course for 5 weeks". As per Aditya, this course helped him to understand new topics like Roman numerals and decimal places which were not taught in his school till date and had a better understanding of other topics.

I personally thank EduSaksham for all the help and support. - Geeta Bansal (Aditya's Mother - 4th Grade - Greenwood High School, Bangalore)

Vedant Chowdhary

Fun to learn.

We had a good experience with EduSaksham. Because sheets are available online, Vedant enjoyed doing more and more sheets without any reminders. I could leave him on his own as he was very much motivated to cover the topics. Practice is very important in maths but it becomes difficult for us to prepare sheets, I am glad we found EduSaksham where in a lot of sheets are available for practice and the quality of questions are also good. As it's a venture from IITians we could think of giving it a try and I am glad we tried !! - Shikha Chowdhary (Vedant's Mother - 4th Grade - Greenwood High, Bangalore)


Awesome lesson

Saiyam is using EduSaksham online courses from past one year. He is able to complete his tutorials, worksheets, and assignments on his own. Once he is done with worksheets, he can check his answers and if he has done any mistakes, then he can check the correct answers and explanations. They have been given so well that he is able to understand them himself and rarely he asks us for any clarification. He enjoys using the platform and has learned and improved a lot in Mathematics.

I would recommend EduSaksham to all parents who want their kids to learn in a structured way and also enjoy the learning process. - Niraj - (Saiyam's Father, Vibgyor High, - Class 3)

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